Saturday, 17 July 2010

Wedding Card

Hello, I'm having a bit of a mad day, it was my intention to get up extra early and go to a certain sale this morning at 5am, but it got to 4.30 and I decided TC has got enough clothes (don't bother going for myself I find it to much of a nightmare hunting for things) so I stayed in bed until 6 !! Hubby has gone to work and TC and I went off to watch my cousins daughter get married. I took a few pics and then hurried home to get them printed off. However once I had printed the photos could I find the card that I made months ago, I have turned the house upside down looking (thank goodness I found it) on a brighter note I did manage to find my marriage certificate (missing for at least a year) and the car park passes for work (missing at least 9 months) so every cloud !!!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your day
Kitty x

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely card! Thank goodness you found it, i'm sure she will treasure this.
    I know what you mean about shopping, i always go with the intention of getting myself something new (I'm the one who really needs things!) and end up coming home with stuff for the kids and nothing for me. I never thought the day would come when i would lose interest in clothes shopping! Now if you had told me that 10 years ago i would have never believed it!


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