Monday, 13 September 2010

Girls 1st Birthday

Hello, I am so cold today I have got lots of layers on but just can't seem to warm up. Here is a card I have made for a friend's friend little girl.





Souffle the duck image from popcorn series

Alphabet digi images

Bind it Machine

My Craft Studio Pro


Using MCS on landscape I arranged my letters on the lower half of the card and copied the letters I wanted to decoupage onto the top half of the card. I then added Souffle and copied this so it could also be decoupaged. After printing I cut the individual letters that I was going to layer out and cut the name 'Annie' and Souffle image into a rectangle. I than cut my piece of A4 pink card in half and just trimmed a little off the end of each piece (this means that you can make a envelope out of a piece of 12/12 - and don't have lots of waste as you would with a piece of A3). I then used the bind-it machine to make some holes down the side of my card and threaded individual pieces of pink ribbon through and tied them in a knot. I then mounted my Annie onto the card, added the decoupage and a few gems.

Have a lovely day

Kitty x

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