Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year - One and all

Happy New Everyone - and apologies for my lack of entries recently. Unfortunately I haven't been a well Kitty, even before the bad weather kicked in I some how managed to get pneumonia ! So that totally knocked me off my paws and then just as I thought I was on the way to being back to my old self I got flu. Honestly it's been a mad few months my granny has been able to move quicker than me and she's in her 90's. I wouldn't mind but I live a far healthier lifestyle now than I did ten years ago and I hardly take my woolly hat off from October to March !!!!!

Here is how I would have spent a typical Saturday night in 2001

Jacket Spud and cheese for tea

Shower, hair washed, dried, straightened, make up applied, get dressed for night out (these procedures would take at least a couple of hours)

Hit the local pub for early doors (8pm at the latest), drink copious amounts of alcohol and final stagger home to my bed at about 2am.

Here is how Saturday nights for 2011 are planned

Jacket spud and cheese for tea

Nice relaxing bath, with a face mask and as a special treat top bath up with a drop more hot water. PJ's on by 8pm at the latest, a few diet cokes and into bed by 9pm to watch Wallender.

Lights out by 10.30pm, if I see 2am it's because I have had to get up to TC.

Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't swap the life I have now to go back to the one I had in 2001 but then I never even caught a chill - and I never wore a coat, even when it snowed !!!!!!!

Anyway enough of my ranting TC and I are in our PJ's and it's only 7pm how organised are we.

So after all that I haven't done that much crafting really over the past few months but I intend to back into it now we are in 2011. I did make some boxes of cupcake socks for my God-daughters little girl who was born just before Christmas.

Let me know what you think.

See you soon


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  1. Hi Kitty, I hope you are feeling better.
    love all the different things on your blog. thanks for popping by mine hugs chris xx


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