Monday, 2 July 2012


Good Afternoon - I had to go to an appointment this morning so I was off work for the day.  I've been promising for weeks that I would bake some biscuits and take them into work, so once I got home it was out with the mixing bowl and the butter and I set to work.  The recipe is from Jo Wheatley's cookbook - A Passion for Baking - (Jo won the 2011 series of the Great British Bake Off).  I loved that TV series and when Jo won - I cried - Mr Kitty came to bed and there was I sat up in bed sobbing - he thought I had some bad news !!!!!!! - Anyway I hadn't I was happy. Jo's blog can be found here at

Here is my attempt at Jo's Viennese biscuits

I hadn't realised Jo had a cook book out until a recent visit to the supermarket where by I re-enacted a scene very similar to that of one in The Railway Children - the one where Bobby goes to the station and when the smoke clears she sees her Daddy (I still cry when I see that bit of the film and I must have seen it about 30 times), anyway down the supermarket aisle I ran with my arms outstretched  - until I reached the bookstand.  it was only when I turned around that I realised people were staring at me !! Obviously they were thinking I didn't get out much.  Well the book has the most delicious recipes with lots of goodies to bake.

On another note we had some exciting news this morning TC has his first wobbly tooth - he was soooooooooo excited this morning you would have thought it was Christmas day tomorrow. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by

Kitty xx

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