Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birthday Book

Hello - well I have finally finished making my prototype birthday book for my little boy to take into his Nursery teachers on the last day - I'm sure they must get fed up of chocolates and biscuits so I decided to make them something instead (think of all the calories they will save), plus TC chose all the images and is helping print them off.
I got the idea of the Birthday Book from a crafting CD called Plush Pals by Ellas Design (
I'm really pleased with the one I've made - now I just need to get everything printed off (in progress as I type) and then all stuck together. It has improved my PC skills as I did the template for the calendar in word, saved it as a PDF, copied this into paint and then transfered that into My Craft Studio Professional so I could the add the images and the months at the top of the page !
I'm sure there was probably an easier way but I couldn't figure it out, so this evening it's a nice glass of wine and lots of cutting, matting and layering for me, its a good job that school doesn't finish until next week I have got four to make plus four thank you cards !

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  1. this is gorgeous - well done on making your own calendar template, I'd have given up long ago! I think if you have open office (free download)you should be able to make the calendar and add the graphics all in the one place but it's a long time since I used it. I do most things in Publisher.


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